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Elegant. Light. Sustainable.
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miamasuku® stands for

Solidarity & Style

Wear face masks and support the fight against infectious diseases. With the stylish masks from miamasuku® you look good and do good at the same time.

100% Quality

Every miamasuku® face mask is produced by European manufacturers from 100% certified, high quality cotton.

Perfect Fit

Not too tight, not too loose. You can fit every miamasuku® face mask perfectly to your face for maximum comfort.

Simply sustainable

Our miamasuku® face masks are washable and reusable. That is good for the environment and saves natural resources. 

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The word miamasuku® is an Italian-Japanese mixture and comes from the Italian word mia = mine and the Japanese word masuku マスク = mask. miamasuku® simply means my mask. In Japan, people have been wearing mouth and nose protection (masukus) for over 100 years out of courtesy and respect, in order to stem the spread of diseases. With Italy we associate style, design, elegance and quality. miamasuku® as a brand originates from this combination of politeness and respect and Italian influenced, fashionable individuality. As the wearer of the masks, you are the focus of our product development. For you we combine the desired lightness with urban charm and reserved elegance. With miamasuku® we want to offer you a mask that makes it easy for you to wear it.