infographic - aerosols and droplets:
Why a mask is a neccessary hygienic precaution!

Aerosols and droplets:
Why a mask is a neccessary hygienic precaution!

Coronaviruses are transmitted via aerosols and droplets. What are aerosols? What is their size compared to pollen or bacteria? How do they behave and how do they get emitted? How much protection does a mask offer? Can I make the aerosols in my breath visible? Our infographic translates current and relevant scientific findings in this subject matter into understandable image language.

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Turbulent Gas Clouds and Respiratory Pathogen Emissions (JAMA 2020)

Visualizing Speech-Generated Oral Fluid Droplets with Laser Light Scattering (New England Journal of Medicine 2020)

The size and the duration of air-carriage of respiratory droplets and droplet-nuclei (Cambrigde University Press 2009)

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infographic - coronavirus structure and what makes it harmless

Coronavirus – structure and what makes it harmless
Facts from science

They all talk about the corona virus, but what does it actually look like? How is it constructed? And most importantly, how can we render it harmless in everyday life or even destroy the viruses? We will briefly introduce the corona virus and use its structure to explain which components can be damaged in what way and what measures can be taken to render it harmless. One thing should be revealed – disinfectants and high temperatures are not necessary.

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infographik - face masks compared

Face masks compared
Purpose and protective effects of selected face coverings

Respiratory masks, surgical mask or FFP, DIY-masks and now the face mask miamasuku® – there are many names, definitions and terms around mouth and nose protection. We would like to give you an overview of the types, purpose and protective effects and answer the most important FAQ about face coverings.

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