Our mission at miamasuku®

Over time the longing grows for a face mask that is truly comfortable to wear.

You will experience the longed-for lightness of our miamasuku® masks when you put them on for the first time. Unlike any other mask you have worn so far, the miamasuku® gently nestles up against your face.

Our face masks fit every face and every outfit without stealing the show from the important things. Our miamasuku® design is elegant down to the last detail and yet subtle.

Disposable face masks cannot be a permanent and global solution. With miamasuku® you can rely on durable, reusable masks made of 100% Oeko-Tex® cotton that protect the environment and save resources.

Why miamasuku® is precisely your mask?

  1. Elegance: Wear a mask and look elegant. Your miamasuku® fits to every high class and everyday outfit and most important: precisely to your face. 
  2. Lightness: You will experience the lightness of miamasuku® the first time you put it on. Developed and produced for maximum wearing comfort. 
  3. Sustainability: Synthetic fabrics and disposable face masks aggravate our waste problem. The 100% Oeko-Tex® cotton of your miamasuku® is compostable and sustainable. 

What does miamasuku® actually mean

The brand name miamasuku® is composed of the Italian word “mia” = “my” and the Japanese word “masuku” = “mask”. In Japan, people have been wearing mouth and nose protection (“masukus”) for over 100 years out of courtesy and respect to help contain the spread of diseases. With Italy we associate style, design, elegance and quality. From this combination of polite respect and Italian-influenced, fashionable individuality, the miamasuku® brand is born.

Making of miamasuku®

Behind miamasuku® stands the GFIU GmbH from Aachen. The GFIU is a spin-off from the Aachen Technology University and was founded in 2005. In the last 15 years we have accompanied many ideas, projects and companies from the beginning and in their growth. So we are not a textile company. We have not simply put overcapacity into mask production.

In mid-March 2020, even before the mandatory use of masks was introduced in Germany, we made a conscious decision to establish our new brand for face masks miamasuku®. Our standards for miamasuku® are the same as for each of our previous projects: The focus is on a unique product which should meet the highest customer requirements.

Under the miamasuku® brand we wanted to offer elegant, easy to wear and sustainable masks. Without compromises. In this respect, we rather oriented ourselves on the cutting patterns of the very good DIY masks and adapted them for the production of larger quantities. In many aspects, this was not at all easy. The relatively fast product development was only possible because we were able to win good partners early on, such as the ITA of the University of Aachen and also leading textile companies and suppliers from Germany as partners. 

In August 2020 the planning for our first real miamasuku® photo shoot was finally in full swing. How do you transport the lightness and elegance of masks? Have a look at the ” making-off” pics yourself on this page.

Et voilá …