About miamasuku®

Here you will find relevant information about our masks & our concern

Why wearing a mask makes sense? Mind yourself. Mind others.

miamasuku® stands for a health-related, mindful contact with oneself and others. We at miamasuku® want to help you to make your contribution. The speed of spread of pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 can be reduced if large parts of the population wear face masks. It does not always have to be a certified face masks – even non-certified masks in large numbers are an important contribution according to scientifc expert opinion. If the community works and everyone pays attention to each other – then we can do it.

A miamasuku® Face Mask makes solidarity easier

A miamasuku® Face Mask makes solidarity easierWith a mask from miamasuku® you and everyone you tell about it can do good and look good at the same time. Putting on a face mask for us Europeans is first of all quite a challenge. While in Asia face masks and surgery masks have long since changed from the necessary protective equipment to fashionable accessories, wearing face masks still takes some getting used to for us here in Europe. We still have to make friends with the new companions. We at miamasuku® want to help you and your face mask to become friends and offer products that everyone likes to wear.

Our miamasuku® product developers pay attention to perfect fit and style

That’s exactly why miamasuku® masks are comfortable, fit well (by the way, also for people who wear glasses), are simple and stylish. The thin stainless steel noseband – fits the face perfectly and provides a good seal. It is easily washable and will not rust. Because everyone is simply different, so are our miamasuku® masks. You can individually adjust your mask to your head size with the supplied elastic bands – we deliberately left the elastic bands so that you can knot them yourself (by the way, this is not that easy and requires a special cutting method). Just tie the knot in the right place – with a little trial and error the miamasuku® mask fits better than any one-size-fits-all model. Please don’t shorten the rubber bands yourself – otherwise you’ll see what we mean by special cutting (the ends will fray). If you decide on a miamasuku® with fabric binding you can tie the fabric straps accordingly – we have made extra long straps for a lot of flexibility.

miamasuku® means quality work and high-quality fabrics

miamasuku® masks are manufactured by quality companies and come from Europe. miamasuku® is a registered textile brand and our products are manufactured and tested according to strict quality standards. We specify our developed patterns, sewing methods, materials and fabrics – every miamasuku® mask feels and fits equally well.

With miamasuku® we would like to offer you a cotton face mask in premium quality. The high quality workmanship is as important as the materials that are used for your miamasuku® mask. We use 100% cotton, certified according to the OEKO-TEX®-100 standard. This ensures that you receive a product that has been strictly tested for harmful substances.

Advantages of the high cotton content

  • hygienic: You can easily wash your miamasuku® mask in the laundry net at up to 60 degrees and thus clean it hygienically. This is not possible with masks made of synthetic fibres.
  • denser: woven fabrics made of 100% cotton are more tightly woven than material mixes with a proportion of elastane or knitted fabrics such as jersey. Particles and droplets find it harder to get out or in, but breathing air can still circulate well,
  • stays in shape: woven cotton becomes even firmer after washing, the fabric contracts again. Jersey fabrics, on the other hand, become softer, less firm and wear out. Mouth and nose masks must fit comfortably and snugly to the face to catch as many aerosols as possible. Therefore the fabric your mask is made of should not give way. miamasuku® masks® are made of 100% woven cotton, i.e. also without elastane, and stay in shape after washing.

Less waste

miamasukus® are made of cotton fabric and can be washed and air dried – and thus reused many times. When you consider that a country like Japan, for example, consumes 3 billion disposable masks per year – we don’t want to imagine the piles of rubbish on land and in the water that form when everyone wears only disposable masks. We think that wearing cloth masks is more sustainable, because it saves the environment and resources. So wear a cotton face mask – for the sake of health and the environment.

Not a certified medical device, but still important

We have to make it clear once again: miamasuku® Face Masks are not a certified medical product, but a pure HYGIENE PRODUCT for private use. Our masks do not offer any protection in the sense of the Medical Devices Act or the Product Safety Act. Wearers of miamasuku® Face Masks cannot rely on them to protect them or others from transmission of SARS-CoV-2, as no corresponding protective effect has been demonstrated by the manufacturer.

owever, miamasuku® masks, as a hygiene product, reduce the spread of droplets when breathing, speaking, coughing or sneezing by the wearer to the environment. Wearing miamasukus® can therefore help to reduce the risk of infection for others and – as anyone who has ever worn a mask while shopping will confirm – visibly support the awareness of “social distancing” as well as health-related, careful treatment of oneself and others. In this way, wearers of miamasukus® can contribute to reducing the further spread of SARS-CoV-2.