miamasuku® Face Mask with elastic straps (Red)

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Bright red is fall color 2020 – show your sense for current trends with this face mask with elastic straps to attach behind the head and make your statement for sustainability. Elegance and lightness are created from 100% OEKO-TEX® certified cotton.

The matching colored elastic straps can be knotted to the right length before wearing them for the first time. If the excess length is shortened, the knots can then be pulled into the tunnel. Perfect fit for every face, perfect look for every Autumn outfit.

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1 review for miamasuku® Face Mask with elastic straps (Red)

  1. Nina (verified owner)

    I chose the red mask with rubber bands because I simply find it more practical than with the cotton bands. The fact that you have to knot the rubber bands yourself is actually quite good, because you can adjust the mask so optimally for you. But it is a bit tricky at the beginning until the knot is really tight. Therefore a star less. Apart from that the fabric and the colour is very nice and it is very comfortable to wear. I don’t sweat as much underneath as under the disposable masks and it’s better for the environment 😀

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