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Our miamasuku® Kids Mask (Blue) is made of 100% cotton fabrics, certified by the OEKO-TEX®-100-Standard. This standard is one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. The premium cotton is sewed into two-layered masks with the front side made out of blue cotton with applications in white. The back as well as the sides are made of green colored cotton with white applications.  All of our miamasuku® Kids Masks come  with elastic straps in white to be attached behind the ear. Childrens’ Face mask efficiency depends on its actual fit to sufficiently cover up mouth and nose – neither be it too wide nor too tight. miamasuku® Kids Masks’ elastic straps are therefore shipped with open ends to allow for initial fitting to your child’s facial dimensions before its first use. Use a simple knot that can go e.g. behind the ear. This makes our miamasuku® Kids Masks a well breathable and comfortable but efficient mouth and nose covering. Top left displays the fashionable miamasuku® Label in shiny silver print. By wearing our blue miamasuku® Kids Mask even your kids can support the fight against the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. miamasuku® Kids Mask in blue/green are hand-sewed by quality clothing manufacturers in Europe.

Product characteristics

  • with elastic straps in white for attachment behind ears
  • shipped with open ended straps to allow for initial fitting to your child’s facial dimensions
  • adjustable, woven-in nose piece made of corrosion free stainless steal for best fit
  • designed in Germany, hand-sewed premium quality made in Europe
  • reusable, washable up to 60 degrees and therefore more environmentally sustainable than one-off use surgical masks
  • Size of kids mask 15 x 7,5 cm (not measuring straps)


  • 100% premium cotton, certified according to OEKO-TEX®-100-Standard
  • two-layered design
  • Color front: blue with applications in white
  • Color back and sides: green with applications in white

Packaging and Shipping

  • ships from our stock in Germany via DHL International
  • single piece packaging in protective polyester pouches
  • with hygienic seal protected packaging  – products with defective seal are non-eligible for returns
  • Delivery time to UK is estimated to be 4-5 business days, if product is indicated to be on stock

Washing and Care

  • miamasuku® Masks are washable after each use at temperatures up to 60 degrees. We recommend a sufficient 30 degrees wash with common household detergents (see our science based washing instructions)
  • Important hint:  Please use a  laundry bag or net. This will protect your miamasuku® Mask as well as your washing machine
  • After washing let your miamasuku® Masks dry in the (open) air
  • Do not iron and do not use a dryer, as either may damage the fabric or the woven-in stainless steal nose piece





miamasuku® Masks are non-medical devices

This product is not a medical device or personal protective equipment and is not a substitute for following the relevant social-distancing guidelines, which include practising good personal hygiene, such as frequently washing your hands and not touching your face.

We make no claims about the medical benefits of using this product, specifically…

  • you cannot rely on the miamasuku® Masks to protect you or others from becoming infected with e.g. the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as such protective function has not been demonstrated by the manufacturer.
  • miamasuku® Masks are not subject to FFP classification, performance comparable to face filtering masks certified according to personal protective equipment standards has not been demonstrated.
  • miamasuku® Masks do not protect the person wearing them from breathing in viruses, bacteria, dust or other potentially hazardous substances.
  • miamasuku® Masks as a HYGENIC PRODUCT do lower the emission of  droplets or aerosols during speach, coughing or sneezing from the person wearing it to its surroundings.
  • Wearing your miamasuku® Mask can therefore help to limit the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19.



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